Tuesday, November 21, 2017

My Journey to Wheel of Fortune

Wow!  Where to begin?  I still can’t believe this actually happened!  I’ve been a fan of Wheel of Fortune my whole life!  My Grandma Virginia got me hooked on the show!  It’s been a dream of mine to be a contestant on the show, and this dream actually became a reality!  Praise the Lord!

I found out in April 2012 that the Wheelmobile was going to be doing a contestant audition in Knoxville, TN (3 hrs from where I live in Nashville)!  I thought that if I had any chance of being on the show this was it!  I drove to Knoxville and was one of the lucky contestants chosen out of 3000 people to play the speed round game with the Wheelmobile Pat and Vanna!  They said if we were to be chosen for the 2nd audition we would be notified by an email at the end of the summer!

I was checking my email one day in August and noticed the 2nd Audition email from WOF in my inbox!  Praise the LORD!  I drove back to Knoxville in August 2012 for the 2nd audition!  They had us stand up, state our names, guess letters and try to solve the puzzles!  I ended up solving 2!  The contestant coordinators then had us take the dreaded 5 minute fill-in-the-blank puzzle test!  If you practiced it wasn’t that hard!  (I had played about 5000 puzzles or so on the Facebook app starting back in college, so if that’s not enough practice I don’t know what is)!  They graded the tests and cut the group in half.  They then called us up in groups of 6 to play mock games of WOF!  They told us at the end, that if we were picked to be contestants on the show, we would receive a letter in the mail in 2 weeks!

I checked my mailbox in 2 weeks and didn’t see the letter, but a couple days later I did!  The contestant producer called on Halloween and asked me if I could make it to WOF on 11/15 to make my WOF contestant debut for the 03/01/13 episode for ‘California Coast’ week!  I told him I could and then I called my family, and my mom, Grandma, 2 sisters and I bought our plane tickets and headed for WOF!

My episode will air on 03/01/13 for ‘California Coast’ week!  The WOF staff was great, and really made the contestants feel at home!  They had us practice everything before taping!  For those that didn’t get to see the episode, I ended up winning $12,950!  Praise the LORD!

Thank you Wheel of Fortune for helping me complete my journey and for making my dream come true!  God Bless Wheel of Fortune!

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2 Responses to “My Journey to Wheel of Fortune”
  1. Richard Bauer says:

    Hi BJ – I am your Mom's cousin Richard and while I missed the Friday (3.01.2013) night episode, my brothers Alex and Phillip were able to watch your winnng performance with their families.

    Congratulations from all of your Minnesota Bauer cousins and continued success with your beautiful music. Best wishes, Richard.

    P.S. – It was your Grandma (in her Christmas letter) who let us know that you were going to be on.

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