Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Listen to BJ’s album on the ‘Media’ page!

Hey everyone,
Just changed the ‘Media’ page on my website,  so you can listen to the songs from my album on it too! More people are going to that page instead of the ‘Store’ page! Please let me know what you think of the songs! Take care, and God Bless!

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What has everyone thought of the album?  If you could, could you please go on to and write a review on it?  Thanks, and God Bless!


Digital album now available on my website!

Hey everyone!  My album is now available, as a digital download (songs too) on my website courtesy of!  It’s also available, through me, as a hard copy!  Will be on iTunes and soon!  God Bless!


“I Went To The Altar” #7 on Arise Radio’s weekly playlist!

Received this message on FB today! My song “I Went To The Altar” was #7 on most played on arise radio this week! Praise the Lord!

You can listen to it on my CDbaby page!  God Bless!


Album is now available on

My album is now also available on  The link is:  Praise God!


Album has arrived!

My first Southern Gospel album arrived in the mail today!  Praise the Lord!  This has been years in the making!  It will soon be available on my website, iTunes, Amazon, and hopefully CDbaby!

Thanks for everyone who has been praying about this!  May God’s Will be done!  God Bless!


Album replication is done and is being shipped from TX!

Just found out my album is done, being replicated, and is shipping from TX today!  Praise the Lord!  Can’t wait for everyone to have one!  It will be available on my website, iTunes, and!  God Bless!