Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Master had errors on it! New master being mailed!

Received an email today stating the master had CU errors caused by faulty media or damage on the disc!  Producer is air mailing a new one to TX!  Hopefully, will still get by Christmas, but probably not now!  That’s ok though!  May God’s Will be done!


Album is being replicated!

The final proofs have been confirmed and they have started replicating my album!  It should be done on Dec. 20th, and in my hands on Dec. 22nd!  Thanks for all of your prayers!  Can’t wait for y’all to have one!  God Bless!


Master is in TX, soon to be replicated!

New master made it to TX!  Praise the Lord!  I’ll be confirming the final proofs within the next 24-48hrs.  Thank you Lord!  Album should be done in a few weeks!  Hopefully by Christmas time!  Thanks for praying!  God Bless!